Lectric XP Pair of 2 M5 display protective Cover Bikes bikes Lectric 2.0 and Lite also fits Aventon


Fits nice and snug but easily pulls straight up and off.


Primary color will be the top 50% of the cover Secondary will be the bottom 50% of the cover, if you want a solid color, please choose the same color for both.

Protect display from dirt debris bugs and rain when transporting (closed unit only)

Get one for your ride today!

Protects your display from dings, dents, and keeps it out of sight of vandals. closed cover protects in the event of rainfall keeping your display dry and also works as a bug shield when hauling your bikes

Lifetime warranty!

Please note these may not fit properly if there is a protective film on the screen, you will have to remove the factory protective film before installation, if you would like to use a glass screen protector, please let us know and we will send a cover that is slightly larger on the inside, these will not scratch the original glass when installing, removing.

Designed, licenced, manufactured by Magnum Printing Services

As described and perfect fit

I’ve ordered twice now & the 1st time of use on the 1st order - I ended up after use with a terribly misshapen total screen cover. We thought we had damaged it while the bike was traveling stowed in trunk. So I reordered. This time - the cover was on while the bike was covered outside, during an 83 degree day in Myrtle beach. Took the bike cover off & found the new 2nd one - so warped we had to pry it off with a screw driver. We can only guess the covers are getting too warm. So while I had high hopes - please be buyer aware these covers are not meant to be used where there will be even moderate heat. I’m sad about that because we’ve broken a screen once & had hopes this would help. For a fold up bike meant to perhaps be stored where there could be a little heat, this is not a good option. If there is a disclaimer I missed it.

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