O-light Seeker 2, seeker 3, series vehicle truck mount


This mount will keep your seeker charged and ready when and where you need it the most! this mount will keep your seeker secure through even the roughest ride, The seeker fits nice and snug but easily pulls straight out, Charging light is also front facing so you can see the charge status without moving the light. Get one for your ride today!

Also works to charge smaller olights without falling over but they will tilt with enough jostling.

Lifetime warranty!

Primary color is the bottom half, secondary color is the top half, if you would like a tri color option, contact us and we will accommodate your needs!

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Designed manufactured and sold by Magnum Modz

Very good quality print job

Well, it's just as you'd expect, a nice piece of 3D printed material that holds the Olight Seeker 3 Pro beautifully! My only problem is that, in between the time of ordering this mount and receiving it, I decided to return the flashlight... (no fault of the seller of course). I'll see if I can use it for something else.

Arrived as described, flashlight fitment is great. Thank you!

I was very skeptical going into this, my impression of 3D printing comes from the earlier days and I didn't have high expectations for the quality of the piece. I was however slightly forced to try it out as Olight no longer sells the L-Dock kit. I was completely blown away! The tolerances are perfect and hold the charger in tightly enough to hold my flashlights upside down. The single thing that bothers me, and it doesn't very much, is that I cannot see the status light of the charger when the Seeker is in there. All the other lights are small enough to leave a gap for visibility. Perhaps a hole in front of the light would work well. Again, very pleased with this product, will buy again.

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