O-light 18 POSITION Triple deck stand fits I5t and most AA battery flashlights, color options Glow in the dark


These will fit 18 Olight I5t flashlights These stands are very durable and Guaranteed to last and hold up under heavy use! Features a Solid internal design

This stand holds 18 I5t size lights for a total of 18 light storage.

Primary color is the bottom half, secondary color is the top half, if you would like a tri color option, contact us and we will accommodate your needs!

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Made designed and sold by Magnum Modz

Requested a specific personalization, got my item, wrong personalization, messaged the seller, tells me that he couldn't do that specific personalization? WTF, then why didn't you let me know beforehand? then I would not have spent $80 on the 2 stands. Seller does not know/care about communication !!!!!!!!!! Aaron, your a POS !!!!!!!!

Great item, as described and pictured.

Exactly as specified. Really like the look of my lights setup in this.

Great quality. No issues...thanks

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