O-light O bulb Dock Charger wall mount color options and Glow in the dark


This 6 mount is custom tailored to the O-light O bulb. These mounts are very durable and Guaranteed to last and hold up under heavy use! Features a Solid internal design
Charger press fits nice and tight into the base and cord has plenty of room with the built in cord management. The dock will keep your O bulb ready for any adventure and safe from falling or being in the way when not in use. yes we do have red, grey and forest green matching colors

One touch design power bulb on and off with the touch of a finger!

These are quite strong, tested to hold well over 50 lbs of force without breaking or flexing!

Primary color is the bottom half, secondary color is the top half, if you would like a tri color option, contact us and we will accommodate your needs!

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Made and sold by Magnum Modz

**Dock does not include magnetic charging pod or obulb!**

Love the item very quick with answering any questions

Ditto. Awesome product! Loved it so much that I got another one.

This is AWESOME! Like the seller said a little heat is all you need to loosen the holes. I did it on a low setting with my heat gun. I bought a usb powered hub from amazon to hook up to the bulbs. I opted for the glow in the dark shelf. I plan on using the bulbs for emergencies and to use as lighting for my pool because they are magnetic, stick to the sides of the pool and water proof. I wanted the bulbs out of the way and hidden. I placed the shelf along side my fridge. This way they are out of site and accessible. The shelf is made very well and quite heavy. I highly recommend it!

My boyfriend loves it 🙂

Good quality. I liked how the seller explained why it would be a tight fit for the Charging packs and remedys on what to do to get the pucks to fit.

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