New Olight I1r2 PRO, iMorse, IXV hat clip and Magnetic mount


This is a Multi use clip mount for hat or belts with magnetic mounts to hold your Olight i1r2 PRO at a helpful angle where you need it, also protecting your light from falling into the unknown! holds the light at any angle you choose or straight on, upside down and powerful magnets keep it where you need it most! best of all it incorporates the engineered single hand twist without removing the light to power it on or off, just reach up and twist! flashlight is held in by magnetic force but locked from rotating on the tail cap end.

if there is any question contact us and we will accommodate your needs! manufactured and tested to ensure quality with a lifetime warranty against defects.

Designed manufactured and sold by Magnum Printing Services

*Flashlight is not included*

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Reviews (2)


Exactly as expected. Works well.

I like it! beautiful idea of a product for these lil keychain lights, i tried it out with the newest ithx keychain olight it could be that the ithx is a lil small or something but i did notice it was a bit loose fitting but still works because of the nice strong magnet inside there, Overall love it!!

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